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Coming Events

April 28
SPRING Clean Up Day
1. There will be dumpsters for trash and debris.
2. Will recycle metal and electronics.
3. There will be help to unload brush/limbs.

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Code of Ordinances

Codes are posted online for your convenience.Β Β Click for Code

Contact City Hall forΒ the most up-to-date versions.

Below are changes to code:

Changes have been made toΒ Chapter 3

Variances language added toΒ Chapter 1

Variances language found inΒ Chapter 1 and 3

Substandard Buildings have been moved toΒ Chapter 7

Personel and AdministrationΒ Chapter 8

Moving sections from Chapter 3 toΒ Chapter 9

Flood Damage Prevention have been moved toΒ Chapter 13

Changes to Chapter 10Β No Parking Zone

Changes toΒ Chapter 4

Changes have been made toΒ Chapter 5 – Fire Protection